October 16, 2018

Looking at the massive influx of people to cities, I always wonder should we kill a city of its charm and heritage in the name of development or decentralise and make sustainable development across various cities and connect each of them with efficient transport system. Each city can breathe, sustain themselves, families can stay together, fabric of the society can be retained. Standardized Uniform Health and Education across the cities will drastically reduce the migration of people to very huge extent thus making way for a de-centralised development across. The huge developments happening in the major cities is a worrying fact. No thought has been given whether the city can provide the basic needs like water, drainage system, power for such growth. Its very dis-heartening to see the villages being engulfed by such developments and forcibly making the rural people adapt to a city lifestyle. Uniform development across various zones in a state will control the migration, creates more happiness, social fabric becomes stronger. My thoughts seeing the huge developments around.

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