SWALPA ADJUST MADKOLI ……. City of Bengaluru

October 16, 2018

Bengaluru a pensioners Paradise, Garden City, Silicon Valley, a city interwoven with fabrics of culture, economics, technology, ecology. Also a City which lives by the statement of Swalpa Adjust Madkoli….

Growing up and living in this city hearing the most popular phrase we have embraced People from everywhere. Initially the Pleasant Climate of our city, lined with huge trees, Garden spaces, huge lakes which were catering to our water requirement attracted people. More people migrated to this city with opening of many Public sector units, educational Institutions, Health care Hospitals. The rich multi-cultural fabric of the city was a pleasant siesta with music, dance performances, and theatres. The streets were vibrant, colourful, and interactive with the street vendors, chirping sound of the birds, dark skies with shining stars, sensitive souls greeting each other. Social bonding factors were the pleasant walks to the nearby parks, temples, religious festivals. The Festivals brought in an aroma of excitement, colour, happiness, freshness, social bonding in the entire neighborhood.

Past half century has been a time of Unprecedented Wealth creation, technological revolution resulting in an explosion of built forms without voice of its own nor interwoven with the surroundings disturbing the sensitive social and cultural fabric of what existed. People just moved in rather than settling in to understand and contribute to the fabric what existed. This explosion of growth thrusted on us has come at a high price creating an irreversible imbalance in the ecology, social life, economic inequalities, and dis-oriented life. The urban fabric is woven with shopping malls, gated communities, huge apartments, buildings where usefulness is over powered by form and beauty, causing lot of dissonance. The density of the space has exploded by once large plots and colonial bungalows giving way for multistoried structures.

The unprecedented, mindless growth thrusted on the city has made the governing bodies to handle the issues in crisis rather than having a planned urban growth. We presently have more resources than the past to understand, plan, maintain the ecological balance but not used creatively in developing a vision for clean, safe, efficient livable space. A Chaotic Urban sprawl has developed with the disappearing dialogue between the past, present and the surroundings. With the overall vision of the city not clear the structures look dis harmonious, inspite of having more Architects than the past, advanced technology, resources.

Our practices are creating more luxurious places of indulgence and private spaces, but failing to transcend the beauty and usefulness of these to the common public spaces. The city population are increasing but the cityscapes to hold them are still primitive. We have been busy designing the structures, innovation in materials, texture, crafts but failing to integrate this with the city scape.

The city has been a witness to the rise of innumerable buildings but we still relate to and study for the architectural elements of Scale, Proportion, Balance, harmony symmetry, etc., in the structures built earlier. Presently our city is a frozen place with the lack of access to the basic essentials of clean air, water, efficient transport system. We are home for some of the brilliant minds, brilliant educational institutions but still primitive in solving our basic issues like Garbage disposal, handling of the Rain water, proper usable roads. We have a pleasant climate but taking walks to the nearest place is also a big No due to lack of simple footpaths.

We all are living a Swalpa Adjust Madkondu life ,filling our lakes, blocking the rain water channels, breathing polluted air, eating poisonous food, building incoherent structures, creating an irreversible damage to ecology. It is time for us to work in making this city livable, smart, lively by creating healthy interactive urban spaces to hook the people of all generation enriching the social fabric and finding a new meaning for our popular phrase.

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