October 16, 2018

Times were there where we could count the architects on fingers who created remarkable, nostalgic memorable structures. Now filled with many architects, architecture schools mushrooming like weeds, Architects are involving themselves in creating Architecture of Indulgence and private Spaces. But why are we unable to transcend the usefulness and beauty of these spaces to common public spaces.City populations are increasing but the city scapes to hold these people are still primitive.With the advancement in technology and creativity why have we failed to create efficient Public places ( lalbagh and cubbon park) which makes people of all generation and interest to flock.

Has the importance for being the objects of beauty and standing out taking away the usefulness of architecture ? The discussion on materials, craft, texture has become the foremost topic of discussion. we all are busy designing the spaces of Architecture of indulgence neglecting the element of  Public usefulness. We still study the examples  of the monumental buildings for the elements of Architecture like the scale, proportion, harmony, symmetry, beauty,etc., why is it tough to source an example from the recent structures in the neighborhood which can define these Architectural principles.Have these elements lost relevance in the present time of construction? Do we need to Change the vocabulary of Architecture, introduce elements of De-construction?   Is the element usefulness of the space being obsolete when compared to the form, beauty, style?

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